How do I import my bank statement into Accounts Hosted?

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Here's a guide to help you import bank statements into Accounts Hosted:

Download the Bank Statement

You'll need to download and save your statement file from your banks website (this process may slightly vary depending on your bank) and save your statement as a QIF. file to your local PC (it doesn't matter where you save it as long as you remember!).

Once you have saved the statement to your local PC, copy it to your Q drive on Accounts Hosted.

Import the file to Accounts Hosted
To import a bank statement into Accounts Hosted your bank account must be configured for online
Banking by following these steps:
  1. Click the Lists button located on your top menu bar
  2. Select Chart of Accounts
  3. Right click your Bank account 
  4. Select Edit Account

Tick 'Online Account Access' and fill in the remaining details. If you have set your bank account to process payments online, you can now enter the APCA number that your bank gave you (if you don't have an APCA number - enter the default number 111111).

To import the bank statement you saved
  1. Click the File button located on your top menu bar
  2. Highlight the Utilities option
  3. Then highlight the Import option
  4. Choose Bank Statement Files


The Import Bank Statement window will appear  
  1. Click the Browse button to the right of the QIF File to Convert field
  2. Select the location of your saved bank statement file
  3. Select your bank account from the drop down menu of theQuickBooks Account to Import into field
  4. Click OK to continue

You will then be asked whether you want to Import the Transactions Now -- press OK to accept the default choices.

Once the data has been imported you will be asked to select a bank account. Select Use an existing QuickBooks Account and click Continue.

The Online Banking Centre with the Bank Statement will appear, ready for processing.

Processing the imported data
In the Online Banking Centre window, click on the View button on the right hand side.


The Match Transactions window will pop up where you'll be able to see a list of transactions waiting to be entered down the bottom.

There's a few ways you can enter transactions:

One at a time
To enter a single transaction, highlight it and click the Add One to Register button

You will now be asked how you would like to add this transaction:

Via Deposit
  1. Using the register (this option does not allow you to enter tax codes)
  2. As a deposit, using the Make Deposits window (fill in the deposit details)
  3. As a payment on a tax invoice, using the Receive Payments window (In the Customer Payment screen, select the customer, enter the amount and tick the relevant)
Via Payment
  1. Using the register (this option does not allow you to enter tax codes)
  2. For payment made by cheque, using the 'Write Cheques' window (add the details for the transaction)
  3. As a payment for a previously created bill, using the 'Pay Bills' window (select the bill this payment is for)
The transaction will now appear as Matched in the downloaded Transaction window.

Add multiple transactions
To enter multiple transactions you follow the same process as you would when entering them individually only as you finalise each transaction the next one will open automatically.

Match to an existing transaction
If the transaction has already been entered, then you'll need to match it:

1.    Highlight the transaction in the Register window (top)
2.    Then highlight the same transaction in the Downloaded Transactions window (bottom)
3.    Click match

That's all you need to do!

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