I can't print my document in Accounts Hosted!

Earl PryorEarl Pryor Member Posts: 3
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  • TamiTami Member Posts: 47
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    If Hosted selects your Printer but when you hit print nothing prints - try saving it as a PDF and see if that works!
  • Nathan ElcoateNathan Elcoate Member Posts: 254
    edited December 2013
    HI Earl, One thing you can do, is go into your Printer Driver settings, usually Printer Properties, and on the Advanced Tab, set it to "Print Directly To Printer". This works in most cases as it bypasses the Windows Printer Queue where jobs can sometimes get held up.
  • Kevin V. RussellKevin V. Russell Member Posts: 322
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    Good afternoon Earl. I have had a situation where when I go to print I can't see the printer. The solution is to delete the print files in Reckon Hosted. You need to login to the provisioning panel. When you login to Hosted select Manage my account. Select Delete print file under System maintenance.

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