A/R ageing summary and statements dont read the same.

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would like to know how to set up my statements to read correctly. I have customers on 30days from EOM terms. some invoices come up as current and some as 1-30 days. I cannot get my statements to read current (ie NOV) 1-30 days (Oct) 31-60 days (Sept). they seem to go all over the place. I have tried editing the 'age from due date.....age from transaction date. I have my terms as date driven 30 /30 any help would be appreciated.


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    sorry.....I have Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2013
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    Hi Suzie,

    I setup my ageing preference to be "Age from due date" I Setup a Term as date driven 31/31.

    I then edit my Invoice template to show "Due Date"

    I then enter an Invoice as a Tax Date of 4/12/2013 and the Due Date shows 31/01/2014.

    My Ageing and Statement Report both show current.

    I use a Statement Date of 6/12/2013 and a Period anywhere from 1/12/2013 to 31/1/2014 and the report shows as current.

    The only time the amount moves from current to 1-30 days is when I use a Statement Period of February 2014.

    I ask of you to please check your period date range for your statements.



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    Hi Evelyn

    try this........Terms on the customer are 30days EOM. make sure this is entered in customer information.

    to create the statement......date it the first of the new month. then tick the box that is - All open transactions. see how that goes. :)