merging supplies into one

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Hi everyone, I am want to merge two supplies together, does anyone know how to do it? Thanks


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    Hi John,

    Can you clarify whether you are referring to:

    a) Supplies

    b) Suppliers

    Have you tried using the in-product help system of the Reckon Accounts program?

    The in-product help is a fantastic resource available to you anytime.

    1) Click on the Help menu

    2) Select QuickBooks Help

    3) Click on the Search tab

    4) Type in some key words regarding your question

    Use keywords such as:

     merging, suppliers

    It's a good idea to review the question you are asking and what you may have already tried to resolve it to give other people a better idea on how best to give you relevant answers so they don't end up telling you something you may have already tried.

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    Hi John, If you open the supplier that has the correct details, copy the supplier name (Control +C), then open the supplier with the incorrect details, and paste into the supplier name (Control + V) and you will be prompted to merge them together... Cheers Deb
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