refund details on the bottom of refund dockets on POS

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how do you add refund details to the bottom of refund dockets only, not all sales dockets, like name, address, orig docket no. etc?


  • Shane
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    Hi, you can add refund details to the bottom of all dockets but not just refund dockets.  To add to all dockets open the terminal and click tools > options > receipt printer > type the refund details in the receipt trailer area.  Again, this is for all dockets as you cant make it just for refund dockets.
  • SusanR
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    Hi Veronique,

    You could add a function 'Memo' button to your customised screen layout that has a pre-definded message for the refund dockets only, or you could make the memo not predefined so that you can capture whatever text you need.  This text will also post back in the sales forms to Accounts.  Then, simply include this button as part of the refund procedure!

    Terminal > Tools > Options > Keyboard > Design Touch Keyboard Layout

    Good luck, Sue