POS professional - "price levels" set in Reckon accounts

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POS professional - how do I get "price levels" set in Reckon accounts to pick up on POS professional for certain customers


  • Jamaiel
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    Hi Veronique,

    Happy Holidays!

    Regarding your query, unfortunately, the price levels for Reckon Accounts (RA) and Point-Of-Sale (POS) are treated differently and separately. You cannot use the ones set in RA for POS.

    To use price level in POS, you would have
    1. Create a Price Level for your items from POS Admin Pr?oducts
    2. Then on POS Terminal, go to Cust Number, ?EDIT & assign each Customer for the Price Level
    3. Edit the keyboard layout function for Cust Number to "Use Customer's Price Level"
    Hope that helps!

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