Cannot see latest Personal Plus backup on Memory Stick

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Running Personal Plus 2013. Desktop disc died mid Nov 2013. Restore by techs to 11/9/2013. I haqve backups on memory stick to 19/11/2013. When I try to restore product can't :swee" my Nov backup, only the one in Sept. How do I recover the mid November data?


  • Mustafa
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        Hi Mike,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community and thank you for your question.

    You can restore your Reckon Accounts data file from a variety of external
    sources including USB drives, CDs, and so on.

    1. Connect the external drive containing the data file you want to restore, or insert
      the disk containing the data file in the drive.
    2. Choose File menu > Restore Backup File.
    3. Select Local Backup or Online Backup (if you use Reckon Essentials
      service) and then click OK.
    4. Select either one of the files listed or Browse my computer if you select Local
      Backup in step 3.
      Note: Reckon Backup Desktop application launches if you select Online
      Backup in step 3. Enter the user name and password to proceed.
    5. Select the disk drive and path or click Browse to indicate where you want to
      restore the file to.
    6. If you're restoring this file over the current file, click OK to overwrite
      the current file.
    7. What does it mean to overwrite a file?Restoring backup file replaces your current datawith the data you've stored on your backup disk. Be aware that you will loseany changes you have made to your file since the backup was made. If you wantto preserve the current file, you must renamethe current file or the file you are restoring.
    8. Click OK when Reckon Accounts tells you that the file is restored.
    9. Choose File menu > Open to open the restored file.
    10.  We hope the above helps you resolving your issue. CheersMustafa