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Roger Blieschke
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At our school we use Retail Point of Sale 2010-2011 Lite in our uniform shop. Normally it works well, but now when we try to open it, we get a box with the following message:
Database Edition Incompatible
The Retail Point of Sale database you are using was not created with the 'Lite" edition and therefore cannot be used in Point of Sale Lite.
To use Point of Sale Lite you must rename or delete this database and create a new one in Point of Sale Administrator.
Point of Sale Terminal will now close.

I can't figure out what to do. I've gone to a backup and got an old version of the .pdb file, but it still does not work.


  • Dean Bajevic
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    Hi Roger,

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    The Retail Point of Sale Database (QBPOS.PDB) needs to be renamed to QBPOS.OLD

    Make sure you're logged into QuickBooks as the Administator

    Open Retail Point of Sale Administrator to create a new database

    Now open Retail Point of Sale Terminal to open the new database.



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