What is the upgrade process from Cashbooks Online > Reckon One?

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    Hi Tim,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community and thank you for your interest in Reckon One.

    For the time being you cannot upgrade CashBook Online to Reckon One, but it will be the first of the conversions that we will enable.  We intent that it will happen automatically, without you needing to do anything.  At the moment we are still testing the conversion to ensure that customers like yourself have a seamless transition to Reckon One.  

    When the system has been fully tested we will inform all CashBook Online customers of the conversion timetable.  

    There are many similarities of Reckon One and CashBook Online so you will not find it too hard to adjust.  There are also a number of differences which we think you will appreciate - like the option for Cash or Accrual Accounting methods, Invoicing and Projects, better User management, better Reports and an easy to use Dashboard.

    Why not familiarise yourself with Reckon One now and sign up for a trial?  Go to http://provisioning.aws.reckonone.com/ReckonOne/ReckonOneLogon.aspx and Sign up for free.

    We appreciate your patience and we understand how important it is that the data conversion is a smooth, easy process for you and all CashBook Online customers.

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