Printing Invoices to a Google Drive

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One of the benefits of a browser based system like Reckon One is that you can print to the Cloud. 

The destination could be a printer in another office - like sending an invoice to your Despatch Office - or something very virtual like a Google Drive from where to can forward in a myriad of ways - post to social media private account, send an email, print.

We'll look at sending an invoice to your Google Drive.

Firstly you need to have a Google Account, and you need to activate Google Drive.  

Stay logged on to your Google account.  

Next, Print your invoice from Reckon One, and in the Destination section where your currently attached printer is showing, click on Change.  At the bottom of the screen click on sign in and enter your Google credentials.

You'll now see a Google cloud Print section at the bottom showing Save to Google Drive 


Select Google Drive as your printer and print.  

Now in your Google Drive account you'll see your invoice as a PDF.  

Just another way to print and save your invoices.


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