In Accounts Personal Plus can I differentiate between my accounts, my wife's and joint accounts?

Pete Milne
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I need to differentiate between myself and my wife for interest income and pay cheques so tax can be properly handled.  Is there a way of doing this?  Thanks. Pete


  • Inigo
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    Hi Pete,

    Consider using the Categories feature, where you can setup separate income categories for yourself and your wife.

  • Pete Milne
    Pete Milne Member Posts: 2
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    Thanks.  I've just started I and I am inputting the past year to get a good baseline.  Want to make sure I set it up right from day one.
    If I use categories to separate all income into mine and my wife's, will the tax portions of the program recognize there are 2 individuals when tax rates are applied? 
  • John Bainbridge
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    Is there a software package that automatically does this? i.e. my partner and I own 50/50 split on some accounts and we each hold our own accounts. If there is a software/s package that provides this function can you advise what the feature is call so that I can compare between the different packages and determine which is more suitable to me.