How to reconcile bank transactions entered through a Journal in Reckon One

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Transactions to a bank account entered as a General Journal cannot be reconciled through a BankData or Manual Upload (QIF) reconciliation.  You must use the the "old school reconciliation" - that is tick off the transactions against your bank statement.

You can shorten this process by reconciling what you can through a BankData or Manual Upload reconciliation - that is all normal payments and receipts.  You should be left with just journal entries still to reconcile.
  1. From the Banking screen select Old school reconcile.  
  2. Select your date range and enter your closing balance at the bottom of the form.   
  3. The opening reconciled balance will equal all reconciled transactions in this account. It may not be the same as the opening balance of your bank statement.
  4. In the table already reconciled transactions will have a green tick by them.  Now click on reconcile on journal entries that appear on your bank statement until the closing balance is reached.  
  5. Click Done when finished.  
Your bank account is now fully reconciled.

Please Note: because you can now reconcile transactions "as you go" and through a couple of methods, the opening reconciled balance may no longer correspond with the your bank statement's opening balance.  You will need to use the "old school reconciliation" exclusively to have the opening reconciled balance correspond with your bank statement's opening balance.  

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