When I go to print i get an error saying 'the selected paper size is not supported by this printer'

Tyson James Ryan
Tyson James Ryan Member Posts: 1
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When I am trying to print or email an invoice I get the error message as shown above. It has worked fine before today?


  • Alex Tan
    Alex Tan Member Posts: 91
    edited February 2016
    Hi Tyson,

    Thanks for joining the Community.

    In regards to the issue you are experiencing with Reckon Accounts please try the following:

    While in Reckon Accounts Hosted-
    1) Click on File
    2) Find Printer Setup
    3) Where it says Printer name, make sure that your local printer is selected
    4) Click Options
    5) Click Local Settings
    6) Make sure that the paper size is A4 and select OK.

    If this has resolved the issue please let me know otherwise reply below and let me know if the issue is still around.


  • Maurie
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    Hi Alex (and all). Over the weekend I began receiving this error message after uninstalling an Epson printer driver. Funny thing is, I'm not trying to print to the Epson but only to PDF. When I go to File>Printer Setup, it immediately errors and shuts down the program with Error Code: 14527 58292. I have tried reinstalling Acrobat and Quickbooks to no avail. Does anyone have a solution for this??. Please send to [email protected]