Incorrect Product List

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We have two Retail POS terminals but since this morning, they are accessing two different Product Lists (originating from Quickbooks). It appears one of the terminals has reverted to accessing an older version of the database. How can we change this and reset it to the correct database?


  • Maggie
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    Ok I've solved the problem but thought I'd share for others.....
    I did a search on the computer (with the issue) for the database ie QBPOS.PDB and found an older version. This was obviously the database version being used. I renamed this file and restarted POS. The system encountered an error saying it could not find the database and prompted to search for other versions. I selected the correct version and all has been fine since.
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    Hey Maggie,

    Thanks so much for sharing, I'm sure there will be many who read this and breath sigh of relief!