Stock running total amount shown?

Ross Headifen
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I'd like to get running totals in reports like (Quickreports) of the stock for each transaction in addition to only showing the QTY handled in that transaction.  For example.  I have 100 units in stock and then sell 10.  The Quickreport on that item would show the sale transaction of 10 units on that transaction line.  But I'd like it to also tell us there are 90 units left in stock.  Then if I sell another 15 the next transaction line will show -15 and the running balance would be75 left.



  • Mirko
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    Hey Ross,

    Thanks for the post and welcome to the Reckon Community.

    I've consulted with a few techs who have advised that this is not a current function.

    I think it is an awesome idea, and will pass it onto our Product Development team.

    If you would ever lodge a suggestion feel free to post up an 'Idea' on here or within the product select HELP> SUGGEST NEW FEATURES and fill in the form.

  • gazza73
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    Any plans to incorporate this useful feature?    Sub-totalling "QTY" column on many reports would be very useful, as recognised here.