Monitoring Insurance certificates for suppliers

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We are operating the system in a construction industry and it is very important for us to ensure that our suppliers hold current insurances as required. I have really appreciated the addition of the two (only) field for use to facilitate this monitoring. My idea is to increase this to at least three fields as we have professional business that need Professional Indemnity Ins as well as the standard WC and Liability Ins.
Can we get one or two more insurance fields?


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    Hey Ron,

    Thanks for your great idea, I've sent it off to Product Development and our IT team to investigate.


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    Hi Ron In your supplier on the additional Info tab you can use Custom fields, click Define Fields - to setup Insurance, Insurance due date etc. Once you have set this up, you can click on Notes and Then on To Do Notes, here you can setup a To Do Note to remind you when the Supplier's Insurance is due for renewal (make sure in the To Do Note details you enter the Suppliers name). Then if you have Reminders turned on (in Preferences) and To Do Notes ticked, you will receive a reminder on the day it is due, when you open the file. Regards Carolyn Carolyn Long | Bookkeeping Trainer | Reckon Accredited Partner| BAS Agent | Regional Qld | [email protected] or 0434 163 266|
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    Hello - if this conversation is still do you enter supplier insurances at all?? I cannot find anything in the help screens about this??  
    From above - "I have really appreciated the addition of the two (only) field for use to facilitate this monitoring."
    thank you
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    RL - where do you enter the expiry date for these 2 insurances (as a starting point???)
    We use Accounts Premier edition
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    hmmmm....looks good but blank on my screen???
    I will follow up with Reckon.
    thank you!
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    The extra fields on that screenshot of RL's above, have those extra fields because they were firstly created by clicking on the DEFINE FIELDS button to generate such 'boxes' (fields) that appear above the "Define Fields" Button.  Then you can create DATA in the boxes of such defined fields, and then create  customised reports that display, sort or filter on such NEW fields.

    This ability to tailor extra DATA fields and make your own reports, is one of the reason why Reckon products are so powerful and useful.  Been a terrific feature for over 21 years now.


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    Please spell out something for me.....

    There are two groups of fields in discussion here.   At the bottom right of your screenshot, there are the TWO "expires" fields (Work Comp and Gen Liability.)
    They are stock standard - comes with Reckon Accounts Hosted V2.

    But within the middle-right side you have shown a number of Custom Fields.
    My understanding is,  that they have been DEFINED using the "Defined Fields button (in the past) and now present themselves in this 'Additional Info" of the Suppliers  information.

    Can that point be clarified please?

    And then we can review your comment about:  ".....These are not defined fields as they produce warning when entering data to suppliers....."

    Sorry, but I'm wondering if you are referring to the two 'Expires fields"  when yoU are mentioning that point.