Setting up Reckon BankData for Accounts Business and Accounts Hosted

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Reckon BankData is a new service introduced in the 2014 Edition of Accounts Business Accounting and above, and Hosted, that will allow the company file to directly access the user’s nominated bank and credit card accounts.  

This process – Direct Feeds - replaces the need to access the bank’s website and create a QIF file to import into Accounts Business 2014 (Accounting and above editions).

Once the Direct Feed is established for the session, users will need to distribute or match bank entries to their bank account in Accounts Business in the same way a QIF import is distributed or matched. 

Steps for setting up Direct Feeds are:
If your bank is any of these:
  1. ANZ   (AUS & NZ)
  2. CBA
  3. NAB
  4. Westpac   (AUS)
  5. St George
  6. Bank of Melbourne
  7. Bank of South Australia
  8. Bank of Queensland
  9. ASB Bank (New Zealand)
  10. KiwiBank (New Zealand)
and your Credit Card is any of these:
  1. ANZ Business One 
  2. KiwiBank Credit Card

you will be directed to apply for a Direct Feed from your bank.

For all other banks, financial institutions and credit cards you will be directed to a connection through a third-party integrator: Yodlee.

Reckon Bank Feeds


Logon to  or click Reckon BankData from Home page in Reckon Accounts Business to sign up for Bank Feeds by clicking on ‘Activate’ and follow through the instructions on screens to purchase plans.

Available plans are:

  • Lite - up to 100 transactions/month:  $3/month
  • Medium - up to 250 transactions/month:  $5/month
  • Advanced -up to 500 transactions/month:  $7/month
  • Custom - Advanced + $3/month/per 250 transactions

 Reckon will email your login and other details once the sign up process is completed.


Direct bank feeds

Complete and return the application forms according to the instructions (these will vary from bank to bank);

When your bank feed is ready you will receive an email from Reckon with:

  1. Username
  2. UserID
  3. Password

Allow up to 8 business days for the forms to be processed, approved and bank feeds established. You can start receiving transactions into Accounts Business 2014 from your financial institution once feed is activated.


Editing banking preferences
Once sign up process is completed, the first thing you need to do in Accounts Business 2014 is enable BankData in the Banking Preferences window. You will need your confirmation email from Reckon BankData handy for the Username and password.

1.    Open Reckon Accounts and your company file.

2.     Go to the Edit menu and click Preferences.

3.     Click Banking.

4.     Click the Company Preferences tab.


              i.        Click Enable Reckon BankData.

             ii.        Enter the BankData User Id

            iii.        Enter your BankData password.

            iv.        Click OK.

Edit your bank account

To edit your bank account:

Go to the Lists menu and click Chart of Accounts.

Right-click your bank account or credit card account and then click Edit Account.

Click the Online Banking Details tab:

For a direct bank feed

  1. Click Online Access Account.
  2. Select your Financial Institution.
  3. Enter your Branch Code. (numbers only, no spaces or dashes)
  4. Enter your Account Number.  (numbers only, no spaces or dashes)
  5. Select the Account Type.Tick the box Include Balance Record
  6. Tick the box Include Balance Record
  7. APCA field: if you have an APCA number enter it here, otherwise enter 111111
  8. Yodlee ID - leave blank
  9. Click Save & Close.

    ANZ Business One Credit Card 

    Setup is nearly the same as for the bank setup, except:

    1. In the Branch Code, enter 6 zeros: 000000;
    2. In the Account Number field, enter 3 zeros plus your 16 digit Card number

    NZ Bank Accounts

    New Zealand bank account numbers have a different structure to Australian bank account numbers.  The way your bank account appears in your BankData record may have been modified since you entered it in Add a Feed.  Please check your Bank Feed Management screen for the correct format for your bank account.   

    For a Yodlee-Bank and Yodlee-Credit Card feed 

    (NZ bank accounts see next section)

    Take Note - some institutions vary how they display the Account and Branch Code numbers.  Check the non-standard list here.


    1. Click Online Access Account.
    2. Select your Financial Institution.
    3. Enter a Branch Code. - your bank's BSB, (for credit cards 123456 will be sufficient)
    4. Enter Account Number - your bank account or credit card number as it appears on your bank's internet portal.
    5. Select the Account Type.
    6. Tick the box Include Balance Record
    7. APCA field: if you have an APCA number enter it here, otherwise enter 111111
    8. Enter your 8 digit Yodlee ID in the Yodlee ID field
    9. Click Save & Close.

      Yodlee - Bank,  for New Zealand bank accounts


      1. Click Online Access Account.
      2. Select your Financial Institution.
      3. for Branch Code. Enter 123456 (numbers only, no spaces or dashes)
      4. Enter your Account Number (as it appears on your bank internet site)
      5.  eg:  01-1234-0123456-000 (you must enter all dashes and spaces that appear on the internet site)
      6. Select the Account Type.- Savings or Cheque
      7. Tick the box Include Balance Record
      8. APCA field: enter 111111
      9. Yodlee ID – enter your Yodlee ID as stated on your signup confirmation email
      10. Click Save & Close.

      Import BankData


      To import your bank feeds:  

      Go to the Banking menu and then click Online Banking Centre.


      Click BankData Import


      Select the Account from the drop-down menu to import. (Bank details will populate automatically according to the configuration in Chart of Accounts.)

      Select the date range.

      Click OK.  The Transaction Summary window will open.


      Click Continue.  You will get the option of importing all these transactions now or saving the transaction to a file.


      Select to use an existing Reckon account or create a new one and click Continue.

      • If the account is greyed out, click on “Create a new Reckon account” and again click “Use an existing Reckon account” and the “Bank choice” drop-down menu will be activated and you can choose the Bank account now.

      The transactions will be downloaded and show in the From Bank section of the Online Banking Centre window with the name:  Bankname  FastStatement – dd/mm/yyyy


      If you want to make another import from your bank account, click on BankData Import.  Please note that once data has been downloaded from the bank it cannot be downloaded again. 

      Select the file and click View to see the Register window.



      Create payment or receipt

      Select transaction from the Downloaded Transactions section.

      Click Add One to Register.


      Select if you want to add it as a cash deposit, cash receipt or against a bill or invoice. Please note that:

      • the choice depends on whether you are downloading a deposit or payment;
      • a Register entry does not allow a tax code to be added to the transaction.

      Click OK and enter the transaction as you normally would in Reckon Accounts.


      Find match

      Select a transaction from the Register section.

      Select the transaction that you want to match it to in the Download Transactions section.

      Click Match.

      Your import of your bank transactions is now complete. 


      Other Notes

      If you cannot finish the import of transactions in one session, the rest of the file will still be available in future sessions. 

      Once data is downloaded from the bank for a particular date range, you cannot download that date range again. 




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