An Absolutely disaster.

JudyJudy Member Posts: 10
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After a supposed "Fixing of all problems", I wake to find it even worse than yesterday!! This is REALLY a huge problem for Reckon and we are seriously considering "switching" to another system.  Cannot Log In, then after several attempts, in and  screen freezes whilst seeing no printers listed.   YIKES!


  • MirkoMirko Alumni Posts: 2,054 ✭✭
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    Hey Judy, are you still experiencing problems? The systems are now back up and running as a whole. I am though sorry to hear you have not been able to log in. If are still experiencing difficulties, please try to log into manage my accounts, and then delete the print files. Resetting your browser could also be benifical. If these steps do not resolve your issue contacting technical support for one-to-one assistance would be the next course or action.
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    Still a bloody disaster. Our MACs will not log in.. this is now day 2 of no productivity! You guys give bloody awful service. Just offer a MAC based version and let me take responsibility for my data. This is beyond a joke and I am seriously expecting the next 12 months subscription FOC. It has cost me more than this in lost time here in the office.
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