Very dissapointing Reckon

Steven PonsonbySteven Ponsonby Member Posts: 7
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I have sat quietly on the sidelines watching the circus and whilst I was inconvenienced, I had remained hopeful that these upgrade teething issues would have been resolved by now.  This morning, I am attempting to prepare my month end invoices (after delaying them to allow the issues to be resolved).  I was kicked out due to an unknown error and lost the entire invoice.  I have redone the invoice 4 times and the system will not let me save the work.  I run a specialist accounting practice and this one invoice is worth a many thousands of dollars to me.  The cost of this one Reckon error at my hourly rate exceeds the combined cost of all my Reckon licences.  That's it from me, I'm moving on.  Good bye Reckon.


  • Debbie Van FloresteinDebbie Van Florestein Member Posts: 3
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    I will not be far behind you, too much stress for me.
  • Andrew HellierAndrew Hellier Reckon Staff Posts: 241
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    Thanks for your patience Steven and I’m sorry for the inconvenience you suffered over the past few days.

    This was a challenging period for us to integrate the upgrade undertaken on the weekend. Our technicians worked hard to address the system issues as they arose.

    Our Support Team was on hand throughout this period to help users address their specific issues and they were resolved fairly quickly. Users are now reporting better performance from the system than last week. 

    The specific problem you mentioned was not typical of the problems associated with the upgrade and I suspect in your case there may be other issues. I would encourage you to call technical support to have it troubleshooted and resolved. Once resolved we are confident you will enjoy the improved performance our upgrade is delivering.



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