Unable to logon to Reckon Online Server

Jack WernerJack Werner Member Posts: 1
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Login through web portal not allowing access. I am able to login via www.reckononline.com.au/login/ Usually proceeding this I would have the remote server window pop-up and click connect. Then I would login to my Reckon Company file, and continue business as usual. However, recently I have had serious difficulties doing this. I get to the pop-up window for the server connection, click connect and a new "login" window appears. I am reqested to type in login details, but nothing works. These looks more like a loging to the server as a user rather than login to my company file. Reckon team, I require assistance with this immedetaily. I am currently experiencing these difficulties on a number of machines. One using Win764 IE9, enother using Win764 Chrome with IEtab App, another using Win764 IE7. I have dealt with this problem frequently in the past, but normally a disconnect and reconnect/restart would resolve the login inssue. Please respond to this urgently. Regards, Jack Werner [email protected]


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