Sales Orders & adding costs

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We have just started to use Sales orders to create purchase orders and invoices.  We used to just create the purchase order, receive items & bill and then add the stock to the invoice by using the "add time costs" window. 

 If I create and invoice using the sales order, stock still shows in the add time cost window of the customer - it still looks like the items/stock need to be invoice out.  Is there away that they are hook up and the items are removed from that window?  Or am I just not getting it?? 


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    Hi Lori,

    Thank you for your post in our community.

    Just to clarify, it shows up inside the Add Time/Cost > Items tab?

    If that's the case, then it's due to the Bill when you converted from Purchase Order had "Billable" ticked and it's ticked automatically when it's converted.

    You'll have to untick it from the bill and that won't show up in the Add Time/Cost > Items tab anymore.

    I hope the above helps. Please let us know how you go. 


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