Unable to login 26/6/2014 6:30pm

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Hi Team Really having a problem trying to get into hosted tonight and I'm premium - go via login, login details and then flips to a Http/1.1 Object Not Found page with the URL https://open.reckononline.com.au/cgi/login. This was an urgent tonight as I needed to find out how much money we had to help a family in need in one of our accounts before we rushed out and spent something. Makes the guy who said this product is great and we get alerts when it isn't working look like a total noob. If there was ever any voices yelling at me to change to Xero - it is going to be tonight when I can't say how much a specific line item has in the ledger.


  • IftiIfti Reckon Staff Posts: 459 ✭✭
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    Hi Drew,

    Thank you for your post and apologize for the issues you're having. 

    Since no one else is having this problem or reported, it looks like specific to your account may be?

    Can you please send your User Id to [email protected] and I will check our servers if there's anything that perhaps causing anything?

    Also, restart your computer to see if any other previous session is stuck or any other reason that could be causing an issue.

    Please let us know and we'll sort it out.


  • Jenny SaundersJenny Saunders Member Posts: 2
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    I am also a Reckon Premium account holder and getting the same message this morning and again tonight. Will reboot and  see what happens. Jenny Saunders
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    How did you go Jenny?
  • Jenny SaundersJenny Saunders Member Posts: 2
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    Rebooting got me in and then once in I got a message that Reckon Accounts needed to shut down, Code 19657 57077. I closed the message window and was able to get into file OK.  So everything good for me. Thanks.
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