How do I sync my Enterprise Edition to my Hosted Account?

Jean AndersenJean Andersen Member Posts: 24
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How do I sync my Hosted Account to the Enterprise Edition (offline Version) ? As the Desktop version is about 3 weeks behind


  • InigoInigo Member Posts: 331
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    Hi Jean,

    There is no way to 'sync' a Hosted data file with a desktop Enterprise data file automatically.

    It sounds like the usage for the desktop Enterprise was not made clear to you.

    Basically you are supposed to 'move/copy' the hosted QBW file to your desktop, open it using the Enterprise desktop program then 'move/copy' it iback to the hosted Q: drive so that you can then work on it using Accounts Hosted.

    You cannot work on the desktop and hosted files at the same time and then expect the changes in each to be synchronized with the other file.

    If the desktop version is '3 weeks behind', AND you have not done anything on the desktop file that you have not also performed on the hosted file, then you can replace the desktop file with a QBW file from the hosted platform.

  • Jean AndersenJean Andersen Member Posts: 24
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    That sound great but I am a little dumb with computers so could you please send me step by step instructions on doing this as I cant fathom what I do first? I thought I was doing quite well but now I am not so sure.
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    Hey Jean,

    Might want to check this thread out which relates to how to:

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