Why does "Tax Activities/Pay Tax" open the write cheques screen?

David Stafford
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ReckonAccounts Pro 2013

The company pays the ATO via EFT through the bank's online facility (not through ReckonAccounts online banking).  When we select "Tax Activities/Pay Tax" it displays the "Write Cheques" screen which does not give us all the Payment Methods like Direct Credit.  All I have is "Cheque - to print", "Cash/Cheque" and "Bank (Online).  If I try to pay the Tax as an entered bill, it warns me that "If you're trying to pay tax, you should use the Pay Tax window instead ...  otherwise the transaction will not be considered a payment against any tax owed".

How is this supposed to work?


  • Shane_6461899
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    Hi David,

    Thanks for your query.  When you are writing a cheque to the ATO in the Reckon Accounts software it should be done via the "Pay Tax" method.  Even if you can't choose a payment method you want, you should still do it this way so the liability owed to the ATO is reduced.  Although you cant choose a different payment method, choose one of the 3 payment methods available to you and then leave a message in the memo saying it was paid by "Direct Credit".  I know its not a perfect solution but its the best I can offer sorry.  I really hope that offers you a way to move forward.  Let me know how it goes.

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    Shane, can you please help me, we pay the ATO via credit card, i am getting the same message as David. If i do not enter the charge/tax payable via 'Enter Credit Card Charges" my credit card reconciliation will then be out. Please help.