Taxable Payments annual report - construction industry

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I am in a building and Construction Industry and as such must make a Taxable Payments annual Report. The only way this report can be lodged through the ATO portal is if my accounting program generates it. I cannot find ay such report. Is it there somewhere


  • Kevin V. Russell
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    Merilynn the TPAR can be generated out of Reckon Accounts. You need to look at the Suppliers menu. And Process taxable payments. Before this you need to mark the suppliers cards as reportable. You can export this file and upload it via the BAS portal with your Auskey
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    Thank you for your help, now I just have to work out how to access Q drive where it saves to
  • Brenda Zimpel
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    In relation to this report I export it from reckon hosted and my computer wants to know what type of product to save it with eg. pdf, word etc, but no matter what program I try and save it with the ATO says it is not the correct format. What format should I save it as so the ATO recognises the report?

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    Hello Brenda,

    Thank you for your post!!

    Basically we cannot change the format that the TPAR file is saved as this is only for the ATO-software readable format. So when you export the file from your company file, since you are using hosted, it gets saved to a Q drive or you can choose anywhere on our server. Then you have to download the file by using the download tool and that gets saved directly to your computer downloads and hence we are not changing the file formats. We are then simply required to upload the file 'as it is' from hosted. However if you want to view the file, you can open up that file in notepad but you still cannot change the file format to upload for ATO. 

    Hope this helps to understand! If any questions, please feel free to let me know.


  • Brenda Zimpel
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    Hi Babi
    I worked out that the problem was because I was using google chrome internet browser and it wants to know which format to save it with. I closed this and tried with internet expolorer instead and it's browser just saves the file and does not ask the question that chrome does, therefore it was the correct format and accepted by the ATO. So users if you have the same problem don't use Google Chrome as your internet browser for these reports.
    Thanks for your reply and everything you said was correct.
    Regards Brenda