Hi, could anyone help-after updating to the latest version, when entering payments, old accounts fro

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Good morning, could anyone help me I have updated to the latest version of Reckon, when entering payments from customers, old accounts dating back to 1999 etc which have been paid are appearing as oweing. Has anyone else had this problem?


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    Hi Karen,

    Sounds like you have an old file that might need some cleaning up...

    Start by doing a back up. 
    Then resort lists... open every list in RA, then in View/resort list
    Do a back up with a verify... 
    Do Rebuilds several times over.
    Do Audit Company file...
    Did you definitely receive payments for all invoices via the 'Receive Payments' Icon? or are some done via Journals?

    I am not sure where else to look.

    And I hate to say it... but sometimes where you are so far down the track with so many years of data, and with so many changes in the product, (taxes etc)... there does come a time when a new company file is recommended.

    Angie Carlyle
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    Thanks Angie, the strange thing is my AP aging summary seems fine, but when I do the AR Aging summary there are a lot of old customers with 0.05, 0.11 etc balance? I only started doing this job in 2005, so I'm not sure what has happened prior, they may have been journals.
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    sorry what do you mean view/resort list?
  • Karen FraserKaren Fraser Member Posts: 7
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    You mentioned in your previous reply view/resort list. I spoke to support tech & he said I need to put on a backup before I updated, which I did but when I backup it asks me to verify & rebuild which causes problem
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    Hey Karen, when you are in you CoA click on Accounts at the bottom and then 're-sort'.
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