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if i do anything in my company e.g. pay employees, make changes in accounts etc I must backup or those changes will not be savedin my company file is that correct


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    Hi Laird,

    I am not exactly sure what you are asking.. but i will try to answer.

    Reckon Accounts Hosted (new & old) works exactly like the Reckon Desktop versions. when ever you create a new transaction you will click 'save & close' or 'save & new' or similar.. this saves that transaction into your Company File.

    When you next open your Company File those transactions will be there.

    On a regular basis it is recommended that you backup your Company File. When you do this creates a backup type of file, it is recommended that you save backups in several locations, in hosted you can save to your B: which you can down load to a flash drive or your PC for retrieval should something major happen with your Company File and you need to restore a backup.

    How often you backup depends on you & your circumstances some people backup daily some weekly some monthly...

    Also, Every time you create a transaction it is recorded in to an other file called .tlg this file sits beside your Company file. This file gets bigger and bigger, when you do a Verify backup it will reduce the size of your .tlg file and keeps your Company File moving fast. so the more regularly you do a verify backup the better it is for your Company File.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Angie Carlyle

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    Thanks a lot 
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