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I have a client, currently on Accounts Hosted, who wishes to move back a desktop version of the Reckon Accounts range. He is curious of the cost to purchase a desktop version.

My question is - is a desktop version included in the annual fee for Hosted? Or will Reckon provide my client with one free of charge?

The reason he wishes to move to a desktop version is due to constant outages and the latest upgrade was the last straw - he cannot connect to Hosted (like many it seems) and does not want to hassle and waste of time and money of having to rely on the Reckon Hosted version to run his business.

Any response will be appreciated so I can pass on to him - thanks.


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  • Viv A
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    Following. I am getting ready to send staff home today.
    We are now looking for a desktop accounting system that supports Mac.
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    The hosted version is Enterprise, costs a bit (1500.00?) It's not compatible with Premier or Plus. he could always buy Plus or Premier and start up a new data file.
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    Reckon does provide a single-user desktop version of Reckon Accounts Enterprise (which is compatible with the Reckon Accounts Hosted product.

    According their page:



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    I feel for all the people who have had a hard time today. I've certainly had a less productive day and there was some mucking around with not being able to login but it's coming together. Using Chrome as my browser solved a few problems.. Personally, anyone who expected a major upgrade such as this to go seamlessly was looking through rose coloured glasses. I have no connection with Reckon but I want to say something positive to offset the negativity!!!  Overall, Reckon Accounts is unbelievable value, it is the best product I've used in my 25 years as a corporate accountant (I've only used MYOB and Xero to compare), and it is going to get better I'm sure. The connection rigmarole has always been the major problem and that is what they are trying to fix with going to a web browser.Give it a few days people before you make knee jerk reactions and find yourself performing time consuming tasks on other software that that Reckon can do in an instant.
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    Every Hosted account comes with a free single-user enterprise desktop edition. You just need to ask Reckon for your your licence key.
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    Fully agree with Ross,I have used Reckon desktop, and hosted is the almost same copy of it, it is a great product. Rather Premier and Enterprise, for last 20 years , its very stable product, after all its the Intuits brain one of the reasons this product , is super , now that Reckon has taken over, i am sure in time they will get it much better,, even though US version is much more advanced. All we need is now API for hosted version , then we are in the same level of race with others. Just hang on there , this will   be all fixed.

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    Is Enterprise for Mac users as well ??
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    I've just installed the desktop version (I'm still using Hosted) but I've obviously made a mistake somewhere.

    Click on the icon to open the program and the User Account Control settings opens a box asking permission for the program to make changes to the computer. Everything works, it's just an annoying extra step that doesn't happen with any other programs. I'm running Win.7.

    The reason I'm running both desktop and Hosted is the outages at the upgrades tested my patience, being locked out for not paying the annual subscription (when I had) was a further test, but the clincher has been 3 days of intermittent then no internet. The last reason is not Reckon's fault but just confirms one weakness with web hosted or cloud computing. Here's a gratuitous tip - run regular speed tests in the hope of predicting the demise of your modem (or computer). Doesn't have to be every day, once a month might be enough.
  • Viv A
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    Just called Customer Service and was told that this is not suitable for Mac Users !!  This is actually the last straw for me ... I am looking elsewhere !!
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