Seriously!! Can it really be that hard to upgrade.Very handy being emailed StartUpGuide after muckin

DianneDianne Member Posts: 1
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Seriously!!!Can it really be that hard to upgrade Reckon Accounts Hosted. Very handy being emailed the 2014 Start Up guide 2014 after mucking around for 2 hours trying to log on. Now having trouble to log on second user. Not happy


  • PennePenne Member Posts: 11
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    WOW  you are logged in . count your self lucky  .. we have not  been in all day . should have stayed home would be more productive . 

  • cosmiccosmic Reckon Developer Partner Posts: 1,044 ✭✭
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    i wonder if Reckon  is able to go back to Citrix  option, for those clients having problems, not able to do work few hours is a big business loss.  luckily , i don not have issues  i am using Fox Browser, and using old logins and password. Did not work with IE though.,
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