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Mark BaxMark Bax Member Posts: 3
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I used to be able to copy and paste to and from fields in Reckon Hosted. It seems you can't do this with the new version. Is this something Reckon is looking at fixing?


  • MelMel Member Posts: 3
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    I have had this trouble too.  Sometimes it works - sometimes not.  FRUSTRATING.. cant even log on now!  I am sick of this and want to change to Xero or otherwise.  How are we supposed to run a business like this?
  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Hi Mark and Mel,

    The new version uses a different system to the original version, and the normal copy and paste is only available to Internet Explorer users.  Other browser users need to use the Clipboard icon which is the first of the 3 icons to the top right of the screen.  Copy your text into the clipboard icon then copy from there to your destination.  

    Hope this explains its new functioning.

  • MelMel Member Posts: 3
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    I use internet explorer and sometimes it lets me cut and paste - sometimes not.  Its nothing to do with explorer.

    Ps I still CANT LOG ON.  second day of no work - unbelievable??
  • Simon ReichSimon Reich Member Posts: 2
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    John, can you please help me. I am using the latest version of Google Chrome (the best option suggested by your company) but still can't use copy & paste. It is something I use a lot of & now I can't access that function. Please can you answer as a matter of urgency, as I have been stuck on the help line for sometimes hours & have lost too much time production wise with the logging in issues & need this sorted urgently. Please help!!!
  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for asking the Reckon Community, and sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing.

    That's a tough one Simon.  I've just tried it through my Chrome and absolutely no issue.  Even my IE was working fine until this morning but then for about half an hour I experienced all the problems users have been complaining.  But it passed and once again I have full functionality with Cut and Paste.

    With Chrome you will not avoid all issues, its just their occurrence is less than with other browsers.  

    What can you do? Make sure you have a clean system.
    Log out of Hosted
    Delete your Browser History
    Make sure you have the latest version of the browser (mine is 36.0.1985.125m....)
    Wait a few minutes
    Login to Hosted
    Go to Control Panel and Log Off Remote Sessions, and if showing a session, delete it.
    Return to the DashBoard and try again.  

    You may want to follow some of Nathan's tips for successful access of Hosted.

    Hope some of this helps.


  • Lisa ScullyLisa Scully Member Posts: 3
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    I have been a very frustrated (but silent user of the new Reckon). The copy and paste function is a very very important function for me as I have many staff who email me their timesheets to enter. I cut and paste from a variety of sources (email, excel spreadsheets, word documents). Now I am finding I have to retype what others have sent me as the clipboard function is useless, I HAD to switch to Google chrome because my screen resolution was so blurry I ended up with headaches. I will be researching alternate programs as my experience with Reckon is the last 3 months has been nothing short of infuriating!

    Please find a solution to the cut and paste and the export function. I am busy enough without the unneccesary addition of having to jump through hoops to get a report working or timesheets in.

    Reckon I imagine your share price has plummeted in the last couple of months and seriously if you do not address the many issues you will be losing customers in spades.

    If anyone in the community has found a simple way around the cut and paste scenario would love to hear from you.


    Lisa S

  • Cathi PCathi P Member Posts: 23
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    Hi Lisa,

     I normally copy/paste out of accounts, rather than into, but I just had a quick play and found the following works for me:
    Copy text from source as per normal
    Go to Accounts tab in browser
    Click with mouse/touchpad on the small clipboard icon (the leftmost of the 3 opaque icons at the top right of the window)
    When the pop-up opens use your paste command to enter the text into the box (the cursor should be in the box, and previous text will be fully selected so that you can just paste to overwrite)
    Click on the copy button towards the bottom-right of the pop-up box.
    Move your cursor to the field you want to enter the text into and paste (again!).

    I'm on Mac, using the latest Chrome Beta, and this works fine for me, although I have to use Ctrl C and V rather than Cmd C/V, which are the normal shortcuts for Mac. Alternatively, you can use right-clicks to perform your copy and paste functions rather than keyboard shortcuts.

    Be aware though that if you are copying into the weekly time sheet description field AND you already have data in the field, you may have to hit the shift key once on its own and click in the field again, as it seems to default to selecting all the text to the left of the cursor. This may be different perhaps if you are on Windows?

    Hope this helps (running payroll is annoying enough on its own, without adding extra difficulties!).
  • Simon ReichSimon Reich Member Posts: 2
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    Yes that's correct. You paste into the little clipboard icon in the right hand corner of the screen. They appear as a ghost image. My son is a web designer & says that this option is really stupid. They should code it up to just copy & paste as any other program works, not this crazy system they have now !!!
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