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Kate Stuart-HutchinsKate Stuart-Hutchins Member Posts: 2
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Can anyone tell me what the equivalent software version is if I go to the shops to buy Reckon? I have no idea about this but I need to get off the hosted and on to our desktop today. When I login I launch the 2014 R3 version but I am not sure what I need to buy. 


  • Belinda ParkerBelinda Parker Member Posts: 25
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    check out quickbooks from intuit - I am now and it looks ok - free import of your data (if you have it) direct from Reckon QB
  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Hi Kate,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    I'm sorry for the troubles you have experienced over the past couple of days.  Our IT is still working on resolving the issues to restore normal service.

    All Hosted subscribers are entitled to one free desktop version of Accounts Business Enterprise.  Please call Customer Service on 1300 RECKON to get your copy.

    If you cannot get onto Hosted you will need to restore a backup of your company file from your local computer or external storage device.  If you have entered data onto your Hosted version since that backup was done, then your desktop and Hosted company files will be different.  If the two versions are the same, then after updating the desktop version, upload the company file to Hosted so that you can continue on the updated file.  


  • dakdak Member Posts: 32
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    Seriously, it's pretty slack to tell people to call the support number when no one answers, or when they are on hold for hours.  This is not helpful at all.
  • nance.snance.s Member Posts: 65
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    How come we only find out now that we are entitled to a free desktop version.  At a time when the server is down unexpectedly and support number no one is available.  Too little, too late!!!!!
  • Kate Stuart-HutchinsKate Stuart-Hutchins Member Posts: 2
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    Thanks for the information John, however I have been trying to contact both technical support and customer service for the last two days. My business cannot sustain this kind of interruption. The issues have not just been in the last couple of days. The whole system has been very ordinary for a long time. Slow to respond, times out doing bank reconciliations, etc. And yes our internet speed is fine, in fact above average according to the tests. 
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