Where is my company file?

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Some customers have reported difficulties locating their company file since the update. Below are the steps to locate your company file.

1.       Go to the File menu and select Open or Restore a Company file. The Open Company:Type window opens.

2.      Select Open a company file (.QBW).

3. From the Look In drop-down, select MyLive (Q:\) drive. Your QBW file will be in this folder. If you have a shared file, the shared folder will also be in this folder as a shortcut. You will now be able to open your file from here. You will need to click on the file shared shortcut (you may have a few of those). If you cannot find your file in the first list of shortcuts, proceed to the remaining shortcuts until you allocate your desired file.

4.      Select your file and click on open.

If after following these steps you are unable to locate your data file you will need the assistance of our support team on 1300 799 150.

Please note: that no data files and back-ups are lost.

>Hope this helps.


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    If they are my files and I can't find them and reckon can't apparently find them I would call that "lost"

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