What is my Reckon Accounts Hosted username, UserID, User Name, Customer ID, etc ?

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Hi Reckon people,

Can you post something to clear up the confusion everyone here on the community is experiencing about failing to login or open their files since they are confusing the whole username, UserID, User Name and whatever other ID's and numbers you expect us to remember.

*And a big hello to Jason Caruana who will likely be the first person to respond to this post.



  • Lesley XerriLesley Xerri Member Posts: 48
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    Hi Inigo,
    User ID is the old way you logged in eg 123456-1
    Username is the name you chose when you first logged in to V2
    Customer ID is eg 123456 (same as User ID without -1)
    You have the option to log in using User ID and password (like V1) OR Username and password.
    Totally up to you.
    Lesley. Accredited Partner
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    Also important to note that your Data file username and password are not related to your Hosted details. The credentials for the screenshot below are ones that you have set up on the Company File.

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    Thanks Lesley and Mirko for your informative posts which should help others who were once confused. 

    No sign of a negative comment yet from Jason Caruana, Seriously WTF and co.

  • Nathan ElcoateNathan Elcoate Member Posts: 359
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    Maybe he's off Chroming over his SMH Crossword!
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    I appreciate that the Reckon team and partners have been in the gun over the last 5 days and are frustrated at the repeated negative, rude and sarcastic comments made by the same people.

    But really.... can you blame them?  In the face of complete and utter silence from Reckon management about the impact of the upgrade issues on people's businesses and livelihoods.  

    Sarcastic comments (even made in jest) will rub salt in the wound for many Reckon customers still struggling through the upgrade.  Please keep this in mind when posting.
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    If you really are concerned over the issues that users are having way has no one ask a simple question like What browsers are you using, what operating system are you using. Those few of us that are operating ( in a limited process) have worked ourselves into a operating environment that works. Let us get this information out to the user base and to the engineers that are attempting to repair the mess that has been created. This system is advertised to operate in several browsers but his is apparently not the case. Survey says what works and hat does not work..
  • Andrew HellierAndrew Hellier Reckon Staff Posts: 241
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    Hi DH,

    We do understand the frustration certain issues have caused our Hosted users.

    We have sent multiple email communications from both our CEO and MD addressing these issues and complaints.

    If anyone would like to discuss further please send your contact details to [email protected] and I will be in touch.

  • kanishka banerjeekanishka banerjee Member Posts: 12
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    Just downloaded and installed Reckon Accounts Accounting desktop for the first time. (Dumping QB Online).
    The software is installed and activated.
    So now, I need a Customer ID to buy bank feeds. So what is my Customer ID and password? How do I create one? Do I receive one?

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