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Can anyone tell me how to shut down the box when emailing remittances. I have already restarted my computer, tried shutting it down and using Ctl Alt delete.  It will not disappear. I do not feel like being on hold for the next 2 hours to be told to do those exact things so if any one has any ideas???


  • Peter Neale
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    Hi Cassie, this is not the real answer, but it is not quite as drastic as re-booting your computer.  I just had exactly the same thing happen to me when I did my weekly creditors payment run today.  The email selection box just would not go away.  I went to the Reckon Control Panel page and selected "Log off Remote Sessions" under System Maintenance, and logged off my Hosted session from there.  Then when I launched a new session it started up normally and the Remittance email box was gone.
  • Pia Smith
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    This is great! Thank you!  I had tried rebooting the computer etc & it didn't help but this worked!!
  • ColleenK
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    I have to do this every time I send remittances - and shouldn't have to! there must be a better solution. Another time wasting feature........
  • Mirko
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    Hi Colleen, try to press ALT+ Page Up. ^Mirko
  • MandyD
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    This worked ! Thank you Peter 
  • nance.s
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    Just had this problem and used the Alt+Page Up.  Worked perfectly.  Thank you.

  • Annie
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    Worked for me too, Thanks Peter :-)
  • Annie
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    Thank you!