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Hi All,

Further to my previous posts regarding logging in to Reckon Accounts Hosted, keyboard recognition and time outs and having gotten access to another client's laptop, I discovered that removing some auto-installed toolbars from your browser can also solve the issues.

Quite often when you download updates to other programmes, they are sponsored by other products and they are installed at the same time as your update (Adobe for example offers to install the "Ask Toolbar", if you don't notice these, they get installed and your browser can become overloaded with additional toolbars.

I deleted these of the client's laptop (with her permission of course) and some other programmes that had also been installed thanks to her kids, cleared the browsing history and VOILA, we now have speedy login, no timeouts and full keyboard recognition.

So, go to 
Control Panel
Programs & Features
Look for Browser add ons and uninstall - if you're not sure, seek assistance - you don't want to delete the wrong things here.
Look for junk that kids may have downloaded and get rid of this too (having to share your computer with the kids has its pitfalls!!)
Open your browser
Clear Browsing History (the terminology may vary browser to browser, but should be easily identifiable)
Close Browser
Re-boot computer
Try logging in again

Success rates are increasing daily and once you do get it in, you will love the speed - it's totally awesome!!  We just need to try and help each other determine the user specific issues that are currently undermining your experience - once we do that, hopefully you will be happy campers - it has been a tough period, but the bulk of my clients are extremely happy with the new release now that they can get in.

Good luck to you all


Kelly Day
Accredited Trainer
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