Not Solved - Server Error in '/' Application when attempting to activate Accounts Personal or Quicke

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I do not see that contacting customer service to activate my Quicken 2012 solves the issue of the failure of the online activation.    I find having to deal with Customer service every few days to activate my quicken is really inconvenient.    My product is licensed so why do I have to keep asking "permission" to use it.    When do Reckon plan to fix the problem?

I have also tried the recommended fixes to stop getting the screen " this does not appear to be the same computer your copy of Quicken was originally installed", but without success eg run compatibility Windows XP SP2, run as administrator, check user account settings, but I still have to run activation every week or so.

Currently I contacted customer service last Friday for activation and today I need it again and I am going to have to wait until Monday.   Help would be appreciated.
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