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Lynda WhiteLynda White Member Posts: 1
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I have just completed my PAYG return for August, I have run the report within Reckon Accounts and the screen shows it is building the report, then when this has completed nothing appears on the screen to either save or print. Could you please advise.


  • Sally McIntosh, Accredited ConsultantSally McIntosh, Accredited Consultant Accredited Partner Posts: 649
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    Hi Lynda,

    What I have been doing is reopening the report and then it also appears with the figures populated.

    Kind regards,

    Sally McIntosh ([email protected])

  • Kwing WongKwing Wong Member Posts: 1
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    Configerations for Tax codes have been lost. You need to reconfigure ie click on say, G1 button, in the report , then select GST and FRE as the codes to be picked up - repeat for all relevant ' buttons' Cheers Julie Davies
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