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Amber C
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Created Donation receipts they are sitting in Undeposited Funds, however I have entered all Donations through my Register, how do I not "Double Up" on entries and clear the Undeposited Funds?


  • Jason Hollis
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    Hi Amber, please see THIS article as it may be of assistance.

    To clear undeposited funds, just tick them and then nominate the actual bank account they went into. Be careful though, as it should reflect the same amount as the bank statement for ease of reconciling.

    NB. Undeposited funds is a great little tool to help you BATCH payments. For example, batching 5 cheques into 1 deposit amount to your bank, or batching 100 EFTPOS payments into the daily total that is reflected on your bank statement.

    Therefore it is usually for 'Many to 1' type transactions (turning many into 1), and you wouldn't normally use for '1 to 1' transactions although you could (it just takes an extra unnecessary step).

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