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Nicole SmithNicole Smith Member Posts: 9

Can someone please give me some things to try to speed up Hosted? I cannot get any work done as it's taking up to 3 minutes to just open an invoice today. One person is using it at home on her Mac, she has no issues. We are using it in the office on PC's and it's just not happening.

Some days are fine, and we have no issues, some are like this and it's starting to get extremely frustrating. Really starting to regret changing over.

We have Reckon Hosted, I've tried opening in Internet Explorer & Google Chrome, doesn't make any difference.


  • ZappyZappy Accredited Partner Posts: 4,651 ✭✭✭
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    Check your internet speed outside of Hosted
  • Nicole SmithNicole Smith Member Posts: 9
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    Ping 59ms

    Download Speed 1.63

    Upload Speed 0.67

    Would that be enough to cause the issues? Will get onto tech support if that's the case, they assured me it was fine and shouldn't be causing any of the problems as the whole server has only just recently been updated.  

  • Kevin V. RussellKevin V. Russell Member Posts: 336
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    Very definitely. Tech support will tell you (they told me) you need AT LEAST 4mbps download speed to run Hosted. You need to speak to your isp. That speed is SHOCKING.
  • Nicole SmithNicole Smith Member Posts: 9
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    OK, never trust the IT guy! Have just called them to get them to look into it for me. When I told them the numbers they agreed it was not acceptable.

    Thanks :)

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