Disgusting maintenance at start of a month whom stupid idea was that??????

Tonys TyresTonys Tyres Member Posts: 48
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you dont know small business that well to do this


  • Tonys TyresTonys Tyres Member Posts: 48
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    every time maintenance happens stuff ups happen and still haven't fixed last ones yet!!!!!!
    and at start of month just indescribable 
  • Sean CresswellSean Cresswell Member Posts: 32
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    Just a by-product of being hosted in Australia.....the timing is suitable [to a certain degree] for them.
    Having said that, not all of our users are experiencing this issue, myself and three others are logging in & working with it just as normal, all morning. #Puzzling
  • Tonys TyresTonys Tyres Member Posts: 48
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    your one lucky person then

  • Kelly DayKelly Day Member Posts: 63
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    Clear your browsing history and you should be fine

    Regular clearing of browsing history will assist with speed issues  - we went from system running like treacle on a cold day to lightening speed - hope you experience the same results


    Kelly Day
  • Tom SainsburyTom Sainsbury Member Posts: 1
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    Undergoing maintenance on the 1st of the month is crazy in my view. This is the busiest day of use for our accounts. Maybe the idea came from the call centre dudes in India?
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