Where is the rebuild error log on Accounts Hosted? How can I view it?

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I have rebuilt my file on Accounts Hosted. But there was an error log saved to Z: ....\qbwin.log. How can I access this file as I only have drives of Q: and B:? Thanks


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    Hey Fiona, welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out. As the Z: drive is on the server it's it can only be accessed by the Infrastructure staff. If you give tech support a call they can arrange for the file to be provided to you. Cheers, Mirko.
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    How to retrieve and view the QBWIN.LOG on the Accounts Hosted platform

    Reckon Accounts Hosted 2015 R2 has made the QBwin.log file accessible to users.  

    The file is located in the Q:\Log folder and is named verify_rebuild_data.log.  

    On each restart of Reckon Accounts Hosted a new log file will be created.  

    The current one will always be named verify_rebuild_data.log and older ones will be renamed with .old1, .old2 etc. added to the file extgension.  

    To initiate the creation of the verify_rebuild_data.log:

    1.     Open your company file. Click on the File menu, select Utilities and then select Verify Data or Rebuild Data

    Note: You will be prompt to create a backup if you select Rebuild Data.

    2.      After the verify or rebuild operation is completed, click on the File menu then select Exit to exit the hosted application

    4.     Go back to the Dashboard and launch Accounts Hosted 2015 R2 again.

    To view the 
     verify_rebuild_data.log file:

    1.     Click on the Download icon and browse to My Live (Q drive) then the Log folder. Q:\log

    2.     Locate and download verify_rebuild_data.log.old to your local computer desktop

    3.     Rename file name to verify_rebuild_data.log or QBWIN.LOG

    4.     Open the log file with Windows Notepad or other text viewer


    - Data Recovery Team