Emailing invoices - computer selects wrong email address

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I have Recon Accounts Premier 2014. When I have an email address in both the "Email" field of a client as well as the "CC" field, the software repeats the "CC" address twice in the Outlook outgoing email. How do I get the computer to select the "Email" address and then put the "CC" address in the CC field?


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    I have had this issue since RA 2012. RA2013 & RA2014 still not fixed ! Different computers, MS Office 2013. The CC address in Reckon appears in "To" and "CC" in Outlook prior to sending.

    Tried Remove/Reinstall Reckon and MS Office did not help.

    Reckon Tech support could not duplicate the problem, decided it was an Outlook problem, so took no further interest.

    However I have discovered that Outlook still sends correctly even though the "To" field is incorrect before sending. Try making no changes before sending, then check it in "Sent Items"

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