Offsetting payments or entering invoices

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When I am offsetting payments or entering invoices (supplier & customer) it frequently jumps down the list & selects a different item to that which I have clicked on. There are invoices in RA that will still be incorrect as I have not come across them yet so therefore not corrected them.


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    I have this happen to. you click on a particular invoice in the list and it selects one no where near it. 
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    This has started to happen in the last 3 weeks . As we do a lot of invoices it has created headaches and we have had to triple check all invoices . I rang Reckon and they advised to resort list .  this was their ONLY solution. This is not the best option as it throws my list totally out of order. Took 2 days in Single user mode to re do the list back to my order  . I have had to do the resort list this morning as we have alot of invoicing to do and will wait and see if it works. I think this needs to be addressed and it a programming issue. Lost time and money again with Reckon. I also have the freezing of windows as well . 

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    Hi all,

    Thank you for your posts in our community.

    I'd like you to try the below steps to see if they help:
    1. Switch to One Window or Multiple Windows (opposite to what's selected) from View menu
    2. Change the template of your Invoice to see if that's causing any issue by opening an invoice > on the top right of the screen, select another Template (example: Reckon Professional Invoice)
    3. If changing template doesn't fix, do a resort of all your lists (go to each list from Lists menu and Customer, Supplier Centres) and go to View > Re-sort list
    4. Do a Verify, Rebuild and Verify (File > utilities > )
    5. Once above are completed, press Ctrl 1 (Product Info), then Ctrl 2 (Tech Help). Click OK to any video card error message
    6. Now go to Open Files tab > QBWin.LOG > Open
    7. It should open in Notepad (or select Notepad if asked which program to open with)
    8. Now go down to the latest "Begin Verify" section of the file, probably close to end of the file. Look in between Begin Verify and End Verify as well as Begin Rebuild and End Rebuild sections and see if it mentions any error in there (if understandable). Usually errors say ERROR: Duplicate name etc.
      If you have any confusion, let me know and I will take that file off you and examine.
    9. If there's any errors, look at the last Begin Verify and End Verify section to see if Rebuild fixed it or not
    10. If issue still persists, create a portable copy of your file (File > Save copy or Backup > Portable)
    11. Once created, restore that portable file (File > Open or Restore > Restore Portable) and give it a short name (between 9-15 characters long and use alphanumeric characters only) and save it to a location of your choice. Note down the location and File name for future references. You might have to save it to a shared folder location/Server (if it's your current setup). Please refer to your System Administrator/Office Administrator who decides on it)
    12. Once the file is restored and opened, see if that has fixed your issue.
    I hope the above steps will resolve your issue. Please do share us the outcome as it might help other users with similar issues or if further steps are needed.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Ifti,

    I am proceeding through the steps but unable to locate the QBWin.log file because "Tech Help is not supported in this product", I am using Reckon accounts Hosted Edition 2014

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    Hi Prong,

    Thank you for reply.

    Yes on Hosted you can't get it yourself. You will need to have your session running after finishing Verify, Rebuild and Verify process, call our Technical Support on 1300 799 150 and ask one of the reps to obtain it and send it to you.


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