Problem logging in using bluetooth and iPad Keboard

Melanie Housego
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I am having a problem logging in on my iPad to Reckon Hosted using a bluetooth keyboard. I can use the keyboard to log in initially however once I launch Accounts I can't use either the bluetooth or iPad keyboard to log in further. I had very few issues using my iPad when Accounts was hosted by Citrix and I want the ability to access Accounts with an iPad. Is there any reason why the keyboard functionality is not working?


  • Mirko
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    Hey Melanie, have you tried any browsers aside from Safari? I know Safari has had some issues with the last few builds on many websites. There should also be a key board button on top right-hand side of Hosted which forces the browser to bring it up. The keyboard is activated by the browser and not Accounts Hosted, thus trying a different browser might be a good step to try. Keen to hear how you go! ^Mirko
  • Melanie Housego
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    Thanks for the reply Mirko. I have tried with Safari and Google Chrome and the problem occurs with both. I have tried the keyboard button as well in both but the iPad keyboard doesn't appear.
  • Mirko
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    That's quite strange Melanie, it seems like the Apps are not responding to the keyboard. Try installing a third party keyboard app and see if that does the trick at all. Have you updated to iOS 8.1? If so, was the same issue resisting prior to the update?
  • Steve Stokes
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    Hosted, Safari and IOS 8 do not work. The problem being the keyboard functiondoes not work. So no surprise an external keyboard does not work. I raised the issue of the IOS keyboard/safari problem a few months ago, it was acknowledged as an issue, but still no fix to date.
  • Ruth Porter
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    This is a major problem that I am having too. Really annoying not being able to use my ipad.
  • kerrsker
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    I am having the same problem re iPad and Hosted.  Can login with onscreen keyboard intitially, but when I try to login to company file, error message claims password incorrect (it is not).  Have tried Safari and Google Chrome.  Any solutions, please?
  • John G
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    Hi Kerrsker,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Please see our comments on using a bluetooth keyboard at: iPad-with-bluetooth-keyboard-not-connecting

    Hope this helps,


  • Sean Cresswell
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    Hi there, Not much to add here, but purely for information purposes,.....I've not seen any such issue on my Microsoft Surface Pro3, using either a BT Keyboard, nor when using the onscreen touch keyboard. [Windows 10 & Google Chrome]
  • lance arthy_6701920
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    Has anyone using an iPad encountered problems since the iOS9 upgrade? I'm getting the BSOF (black screen of frustration) - haven't had that for ages. I've tried Chrome and Safari.
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