A/R history with age of payments

Val Hudson
Val Hudson Member Posts: 11
a report that shows how long customers took to pay invoices? 


  • Shisir
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    edited August 2018

    Hi Val

    Thank you for asking Reckon community.

    I believe you want to see the report that shows you the payment date and the transaction entered date.

    Possibly the ‘sales by custoer detail report’ with some tweaks as below, serves the purpose.

    1. Please go to the report menu on the top; Sales and Sales by customer detail report.

    2. Go to Modify report and add the coloumns for Entered/last Modified, and payment date as shown below

    3. You can remove some other columns by unticking it, if you like.

    4. Press Ok and out and you will get the the report with the entered date and payment date. however it will not show you the days that it took to pay.

    Hope this helps.

    Please let me know how it goes.