Print PDF Invoice - FREEZING on that page

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Print Option FREEZES and can't print Invoice.  I am doing invoicing, every half hour or so, I'll attempt to print the PDF file  (the invoice, after viewing it) and then a blank white page comes up, and nothing else, it is like it is freezing on that page - the only option I have to get Print to work again, is shutting down my whole computer & re-logging in.  I've tried to close Quickbooks & re-log in, but the problem still persists.  This has only been happening since Monday.  Once it is working again, It continues to be ok & printing out for about half hour or so, then when I attempt to print a black/white, then a colour - it repeats the FREEZING....


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    Hi Sonya, the PDF printer is not inbuilt to the product. It runs of the Browsers inbuilt PDf Printer/Converter to avoid such issues. Try to use an alternate browser and see if this makes a difference, also check that your browsers are updated to the current/latest version. Let me know how you go. ^Mirko
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    thanks, I changed browsers when they were having issues with Internet Explorer, causing the Tabbing through on quickbooks go backwards, so I changed to using Google, so what other can I use, very frustrating.
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    Sonya, try to see if Chrome is the latest version. (Click the three lines and then About Google Chrome). The current version is > 39.0.2171.71 m. You will see a green tick if that is what you have or prompt to upgrade.

    This support note from Google Chrome might also be beneficial, it recommends trying to open/print the PDF from Firefox, to see if the issue is isolated to Chrome or not.
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