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Mario Chetcuti
Mario Chetcuti Member Posts: 1
Hi all,

I have been an Intuit/Reckon User now for over 10 years and truly enjoy the software and believe it is extremely functional and fit for purpose.  Of course, this has been achieved using the windows platform.

My life and career called for a change to the world of Apple including iMacs, iPads and iPhones and this has simply made my financial software solution unbearable.

All I am seeking is software that syncs across all my devices, the ability to enter transactions on the go with my phone and the ability for the software to access my accounts and download transactions. 

I have spent a small fortune over the years trying to achieve this with still no success.  Included attempts are with running Parallels software (Windows 7 on a iMac) and Reckon 2015.  No iPhone app and it runs like a 1953 VW.

Everytime I attempt to speak with Intuit/Reckon I am advised that this is coming...........
I am left with no other view other than to think that it isn't high priority and keeping clients believing that it will soon is a fallacy.

Totally understand the software development cycle and that there can be issues and brick walls, but the general community (from what I have read) are seeking this capability today as a 'standard' in this industry.  


  • Antony Lewis
    Antony Lewis Member Posts: 1
    edited January 2016

    I too feel your frustration. I actually went away from Quicken after using it for 10 years and have recently tried some of the competitor cloud offerings. My main issue was I wanted automatic bank feeds. I did not want to enter transactions manually nor have to manually download the transactions to files and import into quicken. I also use macs and found it frustrating having to have a windows virtual environment. I am now back trying Quicken, because the other options did not have the reporting and categorising power that Quicken has.  I am not sure that I will move back fully to quicken, the jury is still out.


    I do feel that they are behind with a personal finance software cloud offering with automatic bank feeds and access via smartphones and browsers, they need to catch up fast.

  • Dan Fardon
    Dan Fardon Member Posts: 43
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    I only use Windows because I have found nothing that comes close to Reckon. For 5 years I used Quicken on Virtual PC on the Mac G3, but every 3 months Quicken would de-register itself, and then Quicken started charging for re-registering, Since then, I have been on Windows with all the stress and frustration it causes.

    So, I do think it is time that Reckon produced a proper version for the Mac.

    Dan Fardon

  • Mirko
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    Hi all, just to confirm, at this point in time there is no plans for a Mac version, but this could change in the future. If anything does change on this matter in the future, I will update you all in this thread.
  • Peter Sharman
    Peter Sharman Member Posts: 1
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    Is the American version of Quicken for Mac a suitable option although not configured for Australian users?

  • Mirko
    Mirko Alumni Posts: 1,275 ✭✭
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    Hey Peter, I'm unsure to the region specifics of the product itself, as it is developed by another company (Intuit Inc). But I do know that it would not be compatible with Australian data files. All data files are locked to the software they are provided too. I'm also unsure as to the features that are provided by the US version. ^Mirko.

  • Noelene Williams
    Noelene Williams Member Posts: 1
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    I use an American version and it still works well but you can't sync anything like on windows version
  • Andrew Coates
    Andrew Coates Member Posts: 1
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    I just started using Reckon for the company I work for, and I'm also a mac user. I honestly can't believe how archaic the user interface is on Reckon hosted. The reckon website is on point, it scrolls well, great use of icons and color, yet the Reckon software itself??? Looks and feels awefull when compared to the rest of the apps and software I'm used to. Reckon Hosted feels very much like it's still stuck in windows 95. I don't need a 'mac version' but please, can we update the UI and the system flow?
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