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Lack of quality service
We have waited close to 2 weeks for our POS hardware to arrive for our new shop . We purchased fom Reckonhelp.com.au and was told all had been ordered . after a week we checked where was it and was told it wasn't ordered. so after much talk on the phone i think it is now ordered and it might turn up one day. I dont understand the quality of service both reckon and its partner reckonhelp.com.au  give as i have paid for the good up front and would expect a speedy supply of goods. To find out some weeks later it was not even sent or ordered is nothing short of a total failure of the system. I will never suggest to anyone use the reckon partner  "reckonhelp.com.au" as i find them to be lacking totally in quality of service.


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    It's a pain when things don't turn up or are slow.  I know I'm not happy with many things about Reckon, however, I did get my goods promptly.  I ordered through a reseller in Shepparton.
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    As I said, I got good service from Graham.  In fact, when I was upgrading I struck a problem.  It was out of business hours of course as I can't have system down during bus hours.  Help line not available after hours but in desperation I called the 1900 number despite the cost. Tried several times and it just rang out!!!  Emailed both them and Graham - 9.30pm by this time.  Graham emailed back at 10pm with the solution.  So I have nothing to complain about - at least not with him.
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    I would like to reply to this post and add some comments.  

    Yes, I did stuff the order up.  It was and order for both software and hardware.  The software I organised through our electronic ordering system and that has been provided.  I can't order the hardware through this system, and I simply forgot to order it afterwards.  My mistake, and I freely admit to it.

    I was like to think I will get orders right each and every time, and for 99% of the time this happens. This is not my first mistake, and it certainly won't be my last.  My approach to mistakes is to apologise and rectify as best I can.  Within an hour of talking to Garry I had organised shipment of the missing hardware.  I have also apologised, both on the phone and via email.  I can understand Garry being unhappy that his hardware has not arrived, but this post is just petty and vindictive.

    Garry, I am only a part of the reason you haven't got hardware.  You ordered on the 7th January; if you allow 1 day to process the order, then up to a week for delivery (as per advice on my website), then the earliest you should reasonably expect delivery was Thursday the 15th.  And this was for your shop that you were opening 4 days later?  Did you plan for any slippage in anything (computer not working, equipment malfunction, time to learn and understand the system, etc).  I thought that moving into a shop was something that is normally organised over months.  I guess the new shop must have been a New Year's resolution.

    I have run my website since 2006, initially to post information and how-to articles for users, and later on to sell software accompanied by real-world advice on which version would best suit individual business requirements.  Up until this forum started 18 months ago, it was one of the few places on the web where you could get informed advice about how to use Reckon.  I am not "Official" just like Autobarn, and thousands of other businesses.  Like them, I have cut out a business by providing information, advice, and availability.

    I would encourage anyone with any doubts about purchasing from me to look at my website, compare my advice to any other advice you are getting, do a search in both this website and in Google, and ring any Reckon Accredited Consultant and ask if I am trustworthy.

    And Garry, ring me in a year and tell me that there wasn't a single order that you stuffed up during 2015. 

    PS Thanks for the support Rik.  And I am that reseller in Shepparton - same Guy, and ironically the same day.  Graham

    Graham Boast 0409317366
    Reckon Accredited Consultant
    [email protected]

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    Yes everything can be twisted to make it all seem ok . I am not vindictive but will give praise when due as well as give other feedback when due. I know Reckon Help is not Reckon. I purchased from Reckon help based on price and after talking to Reckon who had said they are good quality partners . The correct story is  ... order placed on the 7th i checked on the 12 as to where the software download was as well as where in the freight system was with the hardware. At that point i then got the link to download the software and activate it. The hardware up to then was not ordered so i was told then that it was being processed and being friday it would most likely not leave the warehouse till monday. So i was ok with that. Now on thursday 16 i did a check as to where the freight was and again found it still wasnt ordered. .
    Now i did plan the purchase and did leave it till after the chrissy break for just this reason . I had planned a 5 day freight so had it left sydney on the 8th i would have had it last week. a buffer of 3 days . We opened the new shop on the 19th without the hardware and i am still today writing invoices with a pen.  Take the hit Graham your service to me was disgusting and should never happen, You take the money straightaway and thats ok , so put the system in place and do some follow ups yourself to give quality service. I am still waiting for the requested Connote so i can check where the freight is . 

    So i am now wrapping this thread up finally and the point i make is for clients to do yourself a favor and follow up more closely with your orders to see the suppliers do their part.
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    Garry, I don't want to make this a "he said she said", but your order was on Wed 7th and you got the IKC for the software on Fri 9th.  I gather that it was Reckon you spoke to on Thurs 15th, because I didn't hear from  you at all between Fri 9th and Mon 19th.

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    Gents, as this thread is getting a little heated and showing no signs of progressing to an amicable outcome. With said minimal progress, it will be best to close this thread for comments, but keep it available for viewing. I thank you Garry for sharing your feedback and experience, and Graham for sharing his side of events and attempting to make things right. Garry, I hope you receive your hardware asap (if you have not yet). Thanks, Mirko.