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Payroll Totals Report

SusanSusan Member Posts: 27
edited August 2016 in Accounts Hosted

Are you able to advise what makes up Gross, Wages, Addition & Adj Gross columns?
With ours, Gross & Adj Gross are the same so wondering what can cause them to be different?
Had a problem last year with reconciling Payroll Totals report with Wages GL. 

Thanks in advance.


  • viniavinia Reckon Staff Posts: 84
    edited January 2015
    Hello Susan,

    Thank you for using Reckon Community. 

    Are you looking at this information via PAYROLL TOTAL's report? 
    - if you are can you double click it and that would tell you the detailed info as to what makes up the the totals. 

    - Adj Gross normally indicates - if you have Gross of $1000, and $100 is meant for Salary Sacrifice, then the Gross should then become $900. (this is just an example) 
    - Same principle if you are using Deduction that is why it does shows different. 

    Let me know if further assistance is needed. Thank you.

    Kind Regards,
    Vinia Laguda
    Reckon Technical Support 
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