ASX Downloads for reckon accounts stopped dowloading again from 16 Feb

Roy JacobiRoy Jacobi Member Posts: 7
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Reckon Accounts Personal plus 2015 stopped updating ASX prices again.  Last update was 16th Feb 2015.  I connect for update every night after 8:00pm.  This is the third experience of the same problem I have had since updating to 2015 version. Never had the problem with Quicken over a number of years.


  • stst Member Posts: 121
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    Same here, they didn't download for me yesterday (17 Feb) and tonight.
  • Peter HarmanPeter Harman Member Posts: 4
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    Same for me - I've stuck with them but as usual the customer service is appalling!! No comment from Reckon given no ASX price / volume data for 2 days (17th & 18th). US was on holiday on 16th but US data downloaded for 17th NOT HAPPY, Reckon!!!!
  • Geoff CruickshankGeoff Cruickshank Member Posts: 1
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    Me too. Found this site while googling for the problem.
    I'm only ten years into supporting this incompetent bunch. should have pulled the pin when the 2013 "will stop working in 2 days unless you upgrade".
    No more upgrades from me you tossers.
  • Judy BirkenheadJudy Birkenhead Member Posts: 19
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    Glad you have raised it - I was just generating a post on this but will just support you in your comments.   This happened last year and it took a week for them to resolve. 

    Hope it is soon

  • peter.langpeter.lang Member Posts: 101
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    I have the same frustration. I also download at 8 pm each night.  I've not been able to download the ASX prices a number of times since Reckon advised, in July 2014, I had to update to the new version because they were changing the download system  This new system seems to be unreliable.

    I wish Reckon would send an email to all who use the ASX download advising when this problem is going to be permanently fixed.

    I phoned Reckon today to ask about this problem.  At one stage they told me there is no single issue they are just fixing things when they go wrong.  That strikes me as the IT department must have poor management or lack the necessary competence in the technicians.
  • jkpjkp Member Posts: 14
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    Same here. Their customer service and technical staff are hopeless. Sorry I continued my subscription. No longer after this one!!!!

  • Live4lifeLive4life Member Posts: 30
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    I started a conversation in early August 2014 titled, 'share download in Accounts 2015' expressing frustration at the same problems we are all experiencing today!

    Reckon could at least think it would be good PR to inform their customers that they recognise that we have a legit problem, and that they, as the supplier, are pulling all stops out to rectify it.

    Unfortunately, Reckon keeps quiet!

  • Craig McKellarCraig McKellar Member Posts: 8
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    Here is an open request to software providers that Reckon is failing its customers and there is demand for personal finance software that comes with support.
  • RichardRichard Member Posts: 31
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    Why is it the users, the ones paying good $$ for a lousy service, who are the ones raising this issue - deathly silence from anyone at Reckon.  Come on guys - get on the front foot and tell us what is happening and what you are doing about it!
  • Richard WinterscheidtRichard Winterscheidt Member Posts: 14
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    Boom Boom Hit the room!!!

    Appears this issue has raised it's little head again.

    Just upgraded to Reckon Persona Plus 2015 (less than a week ago) all good then from 17 Feb - No Update???

    Any ideas?

  • Macca56Macca56 Member Posts: 6
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    Still the case a.m. on 19/2.

    Ditto, such a good product, no development for years though, then support fails massively ... and a lot of money paid annually.

    Mirko (Reckon Rep) from your responses to other posts, you have been aware of this issue for a couple of days - no email to users !!! No post from you on the board ....

    Can we have an update post please to keep informed of the status.
  • stst Member Posts: 121
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    Contacted Reckon this morning, apparently their IT department is working on the issue, and the expectation is that it should be resolved today.   
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